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Reimagining Equity and Building Wealth for All

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About Ownership Works

Ownership Works is a fast-growing nonprofit with a mission to transform how ownership is distributed within corporations. We partner with private and public companies to implement innovative shared ownership programs that make every employee an owner and honor the collective effort behind a company’s success. Alongside a coalition of diverse stakeholders, Ownership Works is fueling the shared ownership movement and providing companies with the roadmap and tools for implementation: from structuring a broad-based equity plan to supporting employee engagement and financial wellness.

Ownership Works was founded in 2021 to scale shared ownership as a means of addressing economic insecurity among employees, narrowing the racial and gender wealth gaps, and strengthening companies and communities in the process. Our public and private equity partners manage over a trillion dollars in assets and employ over a million people worldwide. Together, we are catalyzing a new era of corporate leadership that extends the opportunity to build wealth — through ownership — to every colleague.

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