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In 2021, Charter Next Generation, a leading specialty film supplier to the food, consumer, industrial, and healthcare industries, made all 1,700 of its employees part owners of the company. The announcement was just the beginning. Havey Pro Cinema is going behind the scenes to document their journey as they transition to worker ownership. The film will follow Charter Next Generation’s CEO Kathy Bolhous and her team for five years, documenting their process of growth and change, and all the successes and challenges along the way. Watch the trailer now and join our mailing list to get new snippets of the film in progress as they are released.

Introducing CNG

Seeing Ownership in Action

"By allowing our story to be documented as it unfolds, we're providing other companies with a firsthand look at the real-life impact of shared ownership on our employees and on the business. I'm thrilled to be on this journey and look forward to seeing the difference ownership will make in engagement, performance and value creation for our investors and all of our stakeholders, including our employee-owners."

—Kathy Bolhous
K Bolhous

Kathy Bolhous

Chairman & CEO of Charter Next Generation (CNG)

Over the past 10 years, Kathy has led CNG – headquartered in Milton, WI, with 14 manufacturing facilities operating across the United States – through several transformational acquisitions and significant organic growth. Under her leadership, valuation of the company has grown from $58 million to $4.3 billion. In 2021, CNG implemented an all employee ownership program to allow team members to participate in the company’s future equity growth.

With more than three decades of experience in manufacturing − including leadership roles at Appleton Paper, Cascade Engineering and Magna-Donnelly – she is a trailblazer and role model for women in the industry.

In 2021 Kathy was named to Forbes inaugural list of ’50 Over 50’ – a prestigious group of successful female founders, leaders and CEOs. She currently serves as Chairman of the Flexible Packaging Association where she has been a Board member since 2011.

Nathan Havey

Nathan Havey


Nathan Havey wrote and directed the award-winning film Beyond Zero, and the acclaimed podcast series 10 Things You Should Know About Stakeholder Capitalism, both of which are being used in classrooms and boardrooms all over the globe.

As a co-founder of the Institute for Corporate Transformation, Nathan finds and tells stories of business leaders pursuing an expanded definition of success to show companies how to realize their full potential by solving the major challenges of our times.

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