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We see a better future for employees and companies.

Ownership Works partners with companies and investors to develop and implement innovative broad-based employee ownership programs that can unlock new levels of success for businesses and in turn create meaningful wealth-building opportunities for employees.

Generating these results for companies and employees requires a management team to commit to implementing a thoughtful and holistic program that includes the following four verticals. We recognize that no two companies are alike and each program will have different needs. Ownership Works and our partners are here to help.

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1.Structuring & Implementing Broad-Based Equity Plans

We help companies and investors structure and implement broad-based ownership programs that provide all employees with the opportunity to participate in future equity growth, creating an alignment of interests between companies and employees.

This includes:

  • Determining the optimal forms of equity, sizing and timing of grants, and vesting schedules.
  • Working through the tax and accounting implications of the plan
  • Preparing for ongoing administration of the plan
  • Crafting a communications plan for key stakeholders (e.g. boards, shareholders and employees)

Our approach to shared ownership advises that programs are:

  • Broad, providing all full-time employees with the opportunity to become an owner;
  • Meaningful, providing—when feasible—the potential to earn at least half of an employee’s annual earnings; and
  • Free, for all employees who earn less than $100,000 annually.

2.Developing a Culture of Ownership: Employee Engagement & Voice

We help companies foster a culture of ownership that coalesces and aligns an entire workforce around a common purpose, values, and goals to maximize shared wealth creation. This helps create better work environments where employees feel respected and engaged and have greater voice, which can, in turn, increase efficiencies, productivity, and value creation.

This includes:

  • Providing employees at all levels of the company with education and information on business strategy and performance
  • Elevating employee voice by creating formal and informal opportunities for employees to participate in innovation and decision-making
  • Implementing a data-driven employee engagement program informed by surveys and other feedback channels
  • Creating a communications plan to continuously share with all employees how the company is progressing towards operational and value creation goals

We have seen that companies and employees thrive when everyone understands how their company creates value, feels empowered to contribute to value creation, and has a stake in the value they help create.


3.Creating a Financially Inclusive & Resilient Workforce

Often in partnership with nonprofit organizations and financial institutions, we help companies bridge gaps in employees’ access to financial education and financial services.

This includes:

  • Connecting employees to basic corporate finance education and personal financial coaching to help employees understand the equity plan, create a personal financial plan, and make informed decisions when a liquidity event occurs
  • Connecting employees to resources and tools that support financial resilience, such as accessing their pay more frequently and/or on short notice, small loans, emergency funds, and banking services on a low- or no-fee basis

4.Data & Insight

We partner with companies to evaluate the impact of shared ownership programs on businesses and employees.

This includes:

  • Assessing shared ownership’s impact on key metrics related to employee financial wellbeing, engagement and corporate performance
  • Convening our partners to share lessons learned and develop best practices
  • Sharing insights, data, and research with the public

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