Our Mission

Generating $20 billion for workers by 2030.

By 2030, Ownership Works aims to generate at least $20 billion of wealth for workers and create hundreds of thousands of new employee-owners.

To achieve this goal, we are fueling a movement and providing hands-on guidance to help businesses implement broad-based employee ownership programs that provide every employee with the opportunity to become an owner who shares in the value they help create.
Our Impact

Since our founding, we've made significant progress.

Companies with board-approved shared ownership plans
Employees impacted by shared ownership
Actual wealth shared to date
Impact for low- and moderate-income workers 1
  1. Sum of total payouts (dividends and exits) to all employees with incomes less than or equal to $113,675 (i.e., 250% of 2021 U.S. median individual earnings, as based on U.S. Census data: “Earnings Summary Measures by Selected Characteristics: 2020 and 2021.”)
Impact Report

Inaugural Impact Report

We are excited to share our first Impact Report, outlining how the shared ownership movement has grown with the support of our partners and contributors.

Equity for all leads to success for all.

Ownership Works is on a mission to increase prosperity through shared ownership at work.

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